Smart Shippy™

Revolutionizing Shipping Services

iEquinox offers Smart Shippy™ a customized and automated SaaS solution for seamless shipping service management. If you’re a shipper grappling with eCommerce client concerns, entrust all IT hassles to Smart Shippy™. Our shipment solution automates tasks, handling shipment requests from retailers, generating and printing shipping labels, and tracking product journeys from the retailer’s warehouse to the end customer’s doorstep. It enables retailers to manage order cancellations or returns and facilitates the generation of reverse labelling. Additionally, our shipping solutions streamline order tracking for end customers.

smart shippy

About Smart Shippy

smart shippy

In today’s eCommerce-driven landscape, successful enterprises are actively embracing digital strategies to thrive in the eCommerce Economy. Customers, equipped with modern technology like smartphones and IoT devices, are at the forefront of this shift. To process orders effectively, accessing servers and databases containing crucial information about customers, products, and inventory levels is imperative. Seamless communication between online stores and shopping carts is facilitated through ongoing data interchange, achieved via API integration.


Our engineers dedicate considerable effort to develop reliable, well-documented, and easily consumable APIs. We offer API integration solutions for retailers and transportation companies, facilitating seamless communication between online retailers, eCommerce stores, and shipping firms. Our solution automates shipment tasks, accepts shipment requests, generates and prints shipping labels, and tracks product journeys, ensuring efficiency from warehouse to doorstep.

Advantages of Subscribing SaaS Solution

Join Smart Shippy™ today and experience a streamlined, efficient shipping solution tailored to your needs.

Reduce time to benefit

Our pre-existing SaaS Smart shipment cloud-based solution boasts minimal deployment times, reducing development, testing, and implementation durations. Configuration minimizes deployment issues.

Lower costs

Smart shipment solutions cut costs associated with servers and support maintenance hours. Eliminate high licensing costs for software and hardware purchases, freeing you from concerns about software or hardware upgrades.

Scalability and integration

The pay-as-you-go model facilitates cost transfer to ongoing operating expenses, aiding budget management. Enjoy flexibility to scale SaaS usage based on specific requirements.

New releases (upgrades)

With our SaaS solution, clients need not worry about endless patch downloads or time-consuming installations. Stay updated effortlessly with seamless upgrades.