Goods Vehicle Movement Service

GVMS is introduced to support pre-lodgement model for Import, Export and. GVMS provide a unique reference number which is given to carrier, it can be used once for a single crossing. It is Developed as an alternative for where border locations may not have the space. It ensure that all the declaration are pre-lodged before they board. It will maintain flow, especially at high volume RoRo locations.

GVMS link movement of goods to the declaration, it enable automatic arrival and departure of goods within HMRC system.

  • GVMS captures details about the journey of goods, vehicles, and customs declaration details without an inventory system. This system will record the crossing of goods. For example, if it is from EU to GB, GB to NI or NI to GB.
  • It is required to enter this information very carefully, because you cannot change it once it is done for a particular item.
  • Customs declarations needs to be submitted against the vehicle’s GVMS record. Customs declaration reference MRN or a Transit MRN needs to be submitted. In case of EIDR being applied, traders EORI can also be submitted.
  • A single reference GMR can be created and can be deleted at any time for any reason.
  • There are three sections that need to be completed for GMR.
  • In section 1, details about planned route ( Port of departure and port of arrival) need to be completed and also carrier information needs to be selected.
  • If the driver is traveling with vehicle on the crossing, this will be entered in section 2, vehicle registration number or licence plate will be recorded as well.
  • Whether the vehicle contains goods that need to be confirmed( GMR needs to be created even for empty vehicles) . Declaration reference needs to be added(multiple declarations can also added, if required). MRN needs to be added.
  • At this point HMRC start validating declaration and status will be available.
  • Details can be modified appropriately before going to port. Driver needs to be well informed before going to port. Driver can see online about the status of goods, for example if inspection is required or not. To avoid delays, errors in GMR should be corrected before driver goes to port.
  • After finalising the GMR number with barcode can be obtained from GVMS.

A policy paper “Customs Information Paper 1 is published on 14 January 2022.”

Explain about changes for export going through various ports.

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