ImpEx Genius™

Streamlining Customs Declarations

iEquinox’s ImpEx Genius™, we specialize in simplifying the customs declaration process. Our comprehensive services include setting up and fully automating your customs declaration submissions to HMRC CHIEF/CDS. Through our portal, we seamlessly link your ERP system to HMRC CHIEF/CDS and shipping companies, ensuring efficient management of your customs declarations.

Additionally, our user-friendly dashboard keeps detailed records of submissions and provides insightful reporting on customs declarations, customs duty, and import VAT, offering you valuable insights into your customs compliance.

At iEquinox, we have cultivated close relationships with HMRC administrative and IT programming development teams, gaining invaluable experience in delivering CHIEF-compliant solutions. While the HMRC CDS implementation is underway according to the Trade Test Milestones (TTMs) plan, recent updates indicate some adjustments to initial deadlines.

With our deep understanding of the Union Customs Code (UCC), HMRC customs policy requirements, and associated processes such as Government Gateway registration, we offer optimal support to our clients throughout the customs declaration journey. Transitioning from CHIEF to CDS may seem daunting, but with iEquinox, you can rely on our expertise in migrating large customer bases to new customs systems across several EU countries. We anticipate challenges and proactively address them, ensuring a smooth transition for UK traders and software service providers alike.


A customs declaration is submitted by an authorized trader known to CHIEF by ROLE, BADGE, and LOCATION, referred to as the ‘submitting trader.’ Regardless of the trader’s location, electronic Export submissions can be made from any site. Declarations containing CAP licenses cannot be sent via email.

Our portal dashboard reflects responses from CHIEF for each declaration, ensuring that responses are received for every submission. In case of rejection, our system prompts correction and resubmission. Only upon receiving a ‘success’ response do we consider the declaration accepted by Customs.


While CHIEF is set to be retired next year, we offer the NES online Web form facility for manual submission of Export Declarations to CHIEF. To utilize this service, traders need to obtain an EORI number and CHIEF badge ‘role.’

This cost-effective and straightforward method of submission provides traders with an efficient solution. For more information, please click the button below: