With iEquinox SaaS solution, importer, exporter, e-commerce, retail, and logistics industries can take advantage of increased performance and productivity. This will help businesses save time and money on order and delivery management. It likewise further improves coordination and automated interactions between retailers, marketplace, courier companies and customs authorities.

ImpEx Geniusᵀᴹ
Smart Shippyᵀᴹ

However, as organizations add more APIs, overseeing them gets muddled. That is the place where we come in, our API integrated solutions automates day to day shipment management tasks by streamlining processes. For instances, accepting shipment requests from retailers, generating or printing shipping labels, tracking product journey from picking retailer distribution centre to customer’s door. It additionally permits retailers to drop or return their request/shipment, and can produce turn around marking, it likewise makes it simpler for end clients to follow their orders.

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In the current climate, majority of the organizations are actively developing their digital strategy to participate in the API and Internet economies, we stand to help as an innovator in the field of e-Commerce, Shipping and Customs declaration.

Our architects and Technical Teams would try to comprehend current business cycles and frameworks, and post-survey from an underlying truth track down. We can then arrange for our engineers to integrate our fully audited and trademarked API integration solutions with your current ERP and warehouse management systems.

ImpEx GeniusTM

ImpEx Genius revolutionises the tedious costly cycles most organizations for Import and export declarations. Some of the key benefits of ImpEx Genius include:

  • Automated solution for customs declaration to reduce operational costs substantially.
  • It can be integrated with ERP and WMS systems provided by SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, or any other system.
  • Integration with shipping services and Smart Shippy help to complete process end to end.

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  • Data validation and error handling while data ingestion, ensure that all the required data element are present in the right format and also identify missing values.
  • Commodity codes mapping for products.
  • Have functionality to submit bulk declarations and can be schedule to submit according to operational requirements.
  • Time to time technical and functional updates are inclusive within packages.

Smart ShippyTM

This software provides an effective shipping solution that is well integrated with customs declaration solution, utilises import and export services and encompasses HMRC declaration automation. Some of the key benefits and features include:

  • Customers have options of private or public hosting
  • Automation of shipping consignments creation, Label preparation and printing, integration with retailer’s ERP or warehouse management systems provided by SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and other vendors.
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  • API integration solutions for retailers (B2B, B2C ecommerce) and transportation businesses, assisting with the reduction of time spent processing requests manually and subsequently boosting business productivity, through time saved and reduction of human errors.
  • Automated shipment tasks, acceptance of retailer requests, label generation and printing automation, shipment tracking, reverse labelling
  • Improved co-ordination and automation between the various retailers, warehouses, shipping organisations and end-customer.
  • Quick and time efficient implementation lead times with ongoing technical support and maintenance


The API economy has been growing quickly for quite a long time. API’s assist organizations with accomplishing coordination and convey new administrations quicker.

Rather than having developers build everything, organizations can utilize API’s to leverage existing development. API4Ecomm to connect services, businesses can go from idea to product faster.

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